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La Maison du Tourisme
Jbail Roundabout, Entrance of the Roman Route.
Phone: 09/546 888

Institute of Management and Services (IMS)
Main Road, Maad, Byblos
Tel. 09/750 131
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Concluding note

We hope that you have discovered the beauty of Lebanon through this touristic circuit.

This project has been done thanks to a committed team that believes in Lebanon as a country of peace, of conviviality, of hope.

As Saint Jean Paul II said: “Lebanon is more than a country, it is a message.”

This message shall be shared with many people and a way to do it is through tourism.

The team

Arch. Juliana Najem

Eng. Caroline Daher Khalife

Ms. Rita Sarkis

Ms. Magda Hayek


Dr. Nour Farra (Tourism Expert / Manager NEOS)

Mrs. Dolly Srour (Urbanist)

Mr. Maroun Salhani (Communication)