Ain Kfaa

For information call Mayor Nadim Abboud: (03/770 334)

Hiking Trails

Feast of St. Rouhana: September 29 where a Mass is celebrated followed by a traditional dinner, on the night before. Contact mayor Nadim Abboud: (03/ 770 334)

  • Walking trails that links Bejjeh with Ain Kfaa: Ms. Rita Chahine (71/570 472)
  • Guided visit to an olive press:

Dr. Elias Hares AlHayek & Mrs. Colette Hayek (03/736 627)

  • Guided visit to a winery: Hani Khalife (70/397 598)
  • Guided visit to an arak production area and tasting:

(An evening spent beside the karki) Ms. Fadia Souaiby (70/ 393 065)

  • Guided tour to an old Lebanese Traditional House:

Ms. Fadia Souaiby (70/ 393 065)

  • Artistic workshop of wood drawings: Miss Fadia Souaiby (70/393 065)
  • Introduction tour on the production of Arak: Rola Al Hajj (03/ 982 275)
  • Exhibition of the Fraternity of Our Immaculate Lady:

Mar Sarkis Wa Bakhos feast day, October 7, (exhibition, play, and celebrations for 3 days). Contact Mrs. Isabelle Hayeck (76/439 298)



Guided visit to the beehives to discover the honey production system:

Mrs. Caroline Asmar Tanios (06/530 027)

Eid El Saydeh: (Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady) is celebrated on the 14th of August, and is followed by a traditional dinner.

Mr. Michel Semaan (03/361 360)

St. Michael’s feast is celebrated on September 5 and followed by a traditional dinner Mr. Michel Semaan (03/361 360).


  • Visit Clos Du Phoenix winery: a visit to a vineyard and winery, followed by a wine tasting. There is also a restaurant nearby to be visited. Mrs. Maya Chdid: (03/271 672); Fb. Clos Du Phoenix
El Monsef

Christmas exhibition: December, in the hall of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus; organized by Women Committee (09/ 790 096)

An oriented visit to “Al Rihani” oil and carob presses:  (from October to January) – Mr. Ramzi Mouawad (03/752 755 –  09/790 210)

  • Walking trails: there are many walking trails in Ghalboun and surroundings, suitable for all ages, where you can enjoy the beautiful nature in its picturesque state. To participate in these activities, contact Mr. Toni Chahine: (71/ 720 160), or Mr. Chadi Rizk (71/475 393), from Ghalboun Hiking Group.


  • A guided visit to a poultry farm:

-Mr. Sam Chahine: (71/356 999)

-Mr. Roy Hazzam: (03/277 529)


  • A guided visit to the beehive to learn about honey products and derivatives:

– Mr. Fadi Abi Sleiman: (03/737 265)

– Les Ruches de St. Gabriel : Mr. Kamil Aad (76/867 768).

– Mr Raymond Rizk (03/766 438)


  • A guided visit to a winery: “Domaine St. Gabriel”:

Mr. Gebrael Gebrael: (03/527 666)


  • A guided visit to learn about cognac extraction, and production:

Mrs. Mahjat Abi Sleiman: (09/771 054- 03/923 573)


  • Yawmiyat Ghalboun Festivals:

July-August (art exhibitions- old cars exhibitions- competitions- musical parties- olive day…). Festival committee in Ghalboun (76/770 076) municipality: (09/ 770 075);

Fb: Yawmiyat Ghalboun (يوميات غلبون)


  • Saydet el Hosh Feast : September 8, traditional dinner in the church square,

Mar Geryes Parish (76/094 009)


  • A visit to the exposition of the sculptor Khairallah:

Mrs. Jamale Khairallah: (09/ 771 117)


For further information, visit the Fb page: Ghalboun village


Visit to the natural site and fossils extract in the quarry, tools for rent:

Mrs. Bernadette Nohra (79/154 725)

Mrs. Linda Nohra Haklani (03/604 969)

Mar Sassine feast: September 14, traditional dinner in the church square.

Contact Mayor Raymond Habib (70/594 500)


Walking trails: Jaj municipality (09/725 600)

Mar Abda festival: August 31st, 4-5 days in the church square;

Father Ayman (03/ 893 983)

Al Tajalli celebrations: August 6, Jaj Cedars. Father. Ayman (03/ 893 983)

Cedars’ Festivals: during the month of August (exhibitions, musical programs);

Jaj Municipality: 09/725 600

Educational events in the educational center:

For info contact Ms, Nathalie Abboud (76/ 193 036)

The exhibition of the artist Botros Farhat (03/ 254 283)

A visit to a traditional house with antique furniture:

Mr. Raymond Yohanna (70/ 166 299)

Jisr el Madfoun

Biking: bike route (71/ 910 452     76/ 338 762)

Jisr El Madfoun Touristic Festivals:

During August (artistic evenings, circus) organized by the committee of Jisr El Madfoun Touristic Festivals.  Mr. Tannous Abi Saab: (03/700 146)

Traditional typical dinner: End of August, organized by Father Charbel Khachan

(03/ 857 899)

Windsurfing, Scuba diving, Swimming, Kayak and fishing activities:

White Beach (06/ 742 505);

Bonita Bay (06/744 844 – 76/744 844);; Fb: Bonita Bay

Orchid Beach (71/949 404 – 06/740 840); Fb: Orchid Beach Resort and Lounge


Feast of Mar Nohra: August 31; traditional dinner in the church square.

Contact Father Toni Nohra : (71/ 308 331)

Eid El Saydeh (The Assumption of Our Lady feast): August 14; Traditional dinner in the church square. Contact Mr. Merheb Merheb  (76/ 303 493)

Visit to the BIOMASS organic farm: Organic agriculture, educational farm activities, healthy Lebanese restaurant, park and playground. Miss Pamela Daccash (03/836 552);, Fb Biomass-Organic Products


Grape harvest:

thyme (zaatar), carob, around Sts. Qobriyanos Wa Yustina monastery. Contact Father Botros Ziadeh (06/ 720 304/5)

A visit to “Adiyar” winery:

Father Botros Ziadeh (06/ 720 304/5) fb:Adyar

A walking trail from the monastery’s square toward the hermitage



Hiking trails: Mar Saba trail (10 minutes walking), Mar Hawchab trail

  • 7 minutes walking).Mrs. Antoinette Nehmeh (09/725 148- 71/771 567)


Lehfed Agricultural Cooperative:

There is an annual summer production exhibition in the cooperative.

Local food processing “Mouneh workshop” (jams, pickles, blueberry syrup, kishik, thyme…);

Fruit and vegetable picking  activities

Mrs. Antoinette Nehmeh (09/725 148- 71/771 567)


Walking trails:

Contact Ghalboun Hiking Group: Mr. Tony Chahine (71/720 160) and Mr. Chady Rizk (71/475 393)

Mar Charbeel Feast: September 5th (a Mass, a traditional dinner and an amazing evening in Maad’s club are celebrated) – Mr. Joseph Doumit: (03/ 190 422).

Eid Al Saydeh (The Assumption feast of Our Lady): August 14, (an evening bonfire is made in Maad’s park), Mr. Elias Srour: (70/ 332 230).

El Qeddiseh Rafqa feast: A traditional dinner is organized in the park during the month of August, Mr. Elias Srour: (70/ 332 230).

A walk toward the flower nursery: Mr. Pierre Elias Nassar: (03/ 469 068).

Horse riding: the horse riding club in Chmout village next to Maad:

Mr. George Badran: (03/ 328 480).


“Kibarouna Festivals” and other activities: Activities organized by the municipality of Mayfouk and Qattara (09/765 500).

Walking trails: Baldati Association: Environmental, Cultural and Rural activities, Lebanon Trails project including Jbeil trails and summer camping. (04/922 999- 09/765 666- 03/666 565)

Honey Festival: A honey festival was organized in 2005 and locals hope to launch this event according to fruitful seasons. Contact Mr. George Al Hajj (03/454 445).

Spiritual activities: Contact Father Chadi Bchara (71/000 965)

The Virgin Mary’s celebration (The Assumption): A procession is organized from the convent of Saydet Mayfouk to the church of Saydet Elij on the evening of August 14.

A Holy walk to the hill of the Cross is organized twice a year: on the 13th of September, for the feast of the Holy Cross, and on Great Friday, for the Way of the Cross.

A Holy walk and a Mass, on the evening of St. Charbel feast, are organized every year, from Saydet Mayfouk to the cave of St. Charbel,

  • A visit to the winery (wine tasting and arak production process) Mr. Henry Sawma: (03/437 757)
  • Annual exhibition for the Charity family association: August & September:

(76/ 121 908)

  • Hiking trails: Contact Mr. Miled Sawma (71/571 001)

1) To Saydet Armich: 30 minutes

2) Mechmech-Lehfed: one hour

3) Mechmech- Jaj- Mayfouk: 5 hours

4) Ram- Mechmech- Arz Jaj: 6 hours


An annual international sculpture exhibition used to be held during the month of August, but it stopped in 2005.

A traditional dinner, organized by Mrs. Soltana Abdallah president of the fraternity (03/751 508), takes place every year in the village square, generally on the second Saturday of August. Every attending family brings a main dish and shares a moment of happiness with all local and visitors.

  • Saydet Al Qatteen feast (Our Lady):

September 7, a Mass is celebrated where homemade refreshments are served.

Mr. Georges Antoun from the endowment committee (03/650 604)

  • El Qeddiseh Sophia feast day:

September 17: A Mass is celebrated on the feast’s evening, followed by a traditional dinner. Mr. Georges Antoun from the endowment committee (03/650 604)

  • A visit to the oil press: Nahi Antoun: (70/ 588 442)
  • Bioland organic farm:

Organic agriculture, poultry and cow farm, healthy Lebanese restaurant, park and playground for kids: Mr. Henry Bou Obeid : (03/580 225);; Fb:Bioland Lebanon

  • Walking trails:

Contact Mr. Saiid Baz (03/270 013)

  • Sghar – Ain Farayya – Ain Kfaa – Ghbeleen – Maad : (3 hours)
  • Sghar – Ain Farayya – Saydet Chwayt – Mar Yohanna – St. Joseph Convent – Jrabta: (4 hours).
  • Sghar – St. Joseph Convent Jrabta
Smar Jbeil

Walking trails: Contact Mrs. Jeanne-Claude Toubia Dargham (71/ 789 635)

SmarJbeil – Ghouma – Mrah Al Zaya t- Mrah Chdid: 4 hours

St. Joseph Monastery Jrabta – Al Ain: 1 hour

Ain Mar Youhanna (Ghouma) – St. Joseph Monastery (Jrabta): 3 hours

Organized visit to explore olive cultivation: participate in harvesting; discover how oil is produced and how olive products are made.

Mr. Rouhana Bassil: (70/ 053 082 -730 720/ 06)

Organized visit to a beehive, to discover honey extract.

Mr. Rouhana Bassil: (70/ 053 082 -730 720/ 06)

Visit to Mr. Paul Dargham’s Dog training school/ Ghouma: (816 807/ 03)


Walking trails: Contact Mr. Toni Makhoul or Mr. Joseph Akl (03/241 130)

From St. George church to the area of metals: two hours

From St. George church – St. George Reserve- The Ferdos area – Qatteen al Oal: three hours.

Mar Geryes Feast: a traditional dinner in the church square on April 22, and November 3. Father Boulos (03/ 715 132)

A public park for children: established by the municipality with the cooperation of ACTEL.