Nature escape in Rural Jbeil

Day 1: Hiking Ghalboun, camping overnight in Lehfed.

Day 2: Hiking Arz Jaj, Cedars reserve

Romantic Week End in Rural Batroun

Day 1:Visit Rachana village, visit the Ixir Winery and enjoy a lunch by the vineyards. Overnight in ‘Les Terasses de Abdelli’ or in Beit El Batroun Thoum.

Day 2: Relax and enjoy a lunch in Tafla guest house overlooking the sea coast.

Arts and poetry in Rural Jbeil and Batroun

Day 1: Medieval Frescos in Mar Charbel Church –Maad-, Visit Maroun Abboud Museum in Ain Kfaa, Overninght in Tafla -Smar Jbeil.

Day 2: Medieval frescos in Mar Saba –Eddeh-, Visit Rachana village, the open air museum, meeting with Basbous artists)

On the foot steps of the Lebanese saints

Day 1: Visit the domain of the house of the beautified Estephan Nehme -Lehfed, Visit the convent of Saydet Ilige –Mayfouk, Lunch in a traditional Lebanese restaurant by the monastery, visit the sanctuary of St Hardini and the beautified Estephan Nehme Kfifane, overnight in Bangalows in Jrabta.

Day 2:  Visit the sanctuary of St Rafqa -Jrabta, visit Smar Jbeil with the citadel and the well and the church of Mar Nohra, Lunch in one of the snacks restaurants on the village square of Smar Jbeil

The wine and Arak route

Day 1: visit the clos du Phoenix Winery followed by the visit of Ixir Winery and enjoy a lunch by the vineyards overnight in bangalows in Jrabta.

Day 2:  Road to Bejjeh to discover the Arak production and enjoy a traditional meal in a village house.

Fishing by the sea and fishing in the mountains 

Day 1: experience Swimming, seashells picking and Fishing by the sea in Madfoun, Thoum area overnight in Gharzouz hostel-convent or in Beit El Kahen Hostel in Maad.

Day 2: Road to Haqel, experience looking for Fish fossils in the quarry, lunch in the mountains by the site.

Knight and princesses, Farm experience and camping.

Day 1: Visit the citadel of Smar Jbeil continue to Bioland or Biomass farms for lunch and activities. Road to Lehfed and camping overnight in Lehfed Country Club.

Day 2: Hiking and eco-activities in Lehfed. Visit the domain of the house of the beautified Estephan Nehme.

Food and Beverage

Eat for $5 USD at ‘Furn Benoite’ in Bejjeh or have special sandwiches in Furn El Saha (Smar Jbeil), for $10 USD enjoy a ‘Plat du jour’….go for a full Lebanese Mezze at Nabeh El Joz restaurant (Mayfouk) or El Deir Restaurant (Kfifane) for 25 $ or enjoy amazing Buffets at ‘Les Terasses de Abdelli’ for more than $40 USD.


Sleep in Camping for $10 USD(Lehfed Country Club or ….); for $50 USD/person Choose to spend a night in mid-range bungalows or in guest houses as …. Or pamper yourself and pay for a high end accommodation as Beit El Batroun or ‘Les Terasses de Abdelli’ for more than $100 USD per person.


Local guides in the villages per hour: $10-15 USD

Rural route guide for half day tour: $30 – 45 USD

Rural route guide for full day tour: $50 – 75 USD


Olive picking and visit an olive press : Free

Initiation to the different mouneh types: Free

Visit a winery and wine tasting : Free

Picking wild edible plants: Hire a local guide

Cooking workshops: Hire a local guide

Excavating fish fossils in the mountain: $5 USD