• Casa: Jbail
  • Distance from Beirut: 47-51 km
  • Altitude: 50-250 m
  • Access: Jbail- Baachta – Jeddayel –El Monsef

Or Jbail –Amchit- Al Helweh – El Monsef.

General and historical information

El Monsef is a coastal locality, named after a priest, Georges, who divided his property equally and fairly between his sons.It is naturally located in the middle of the Orthodox area “Qornet Al Rom” containing seven Orthodox villages: El Monsef, AlRihani, Jeddayel, AlBarbara, Chikhane, Gharzouz, and Hosrayel. It is from the old epoch, and this can be seen by its many monuments from sarcophagi to old ruins, such as the monastery of Mar Mema (St. Mamas). According to local tradition, this site was a safe surrounded by caves and sarcophagi.

Monuments and sites to visit
  • Mar Mema Monastery (St. Mamas, Greek Orthodox):

It was built before the Phoenicians, even before the Roman period. It was once a temple visited by different people. Archeological remains around the monastery testify that the site was occupied from the Phoenician period and the antiquity. The monastery was established in the 4th century as we can visit its small church still standing in the middle of olive trees. From the outside, the church is built from dabachi stones, with a Byzantine cross engraved on the lintel of one of the doors and a bell stone dome on the northwest corner of the roof. The church is surrounded by mill stones and the remains of old monuments.

For the key, contact Mr. Sami Sadaka (09/ 790 074).


  • Mar Mikhail Church: ( Michael, Greek Orthodox):

This monastery was renovated in the early 60’s, and a tent was built in front of the entrance. In the beginning of August 2001, it was renovated on the inside. It has a wooden iconostasis with three doors, and the outside is made of dabachi stones. It has one western entrance, with the remains of antique columns.

The key is with Father Emilianos (03/258 727)

  • Mar Geryes Monastery (St. Georges, Greek Orthodox):

1500A.D:  an old church renovated in 2002. The altar is made of one flat rock on an antique column.


  • Mar Sarkis wa Bakhos Church (Sts. Sergius and Bacchus, Greek Orthodox):

This blessed church was dedicated to Sts. Serge and Bacchus in September 1801. The temple was built on a Roman acropolis, back in the 1st century, then transformed into a Christian Byzantine Church in the 5th century, and then rebuilt by the crusaders in the 11th century, after which it was attacked and sabotaged in the Mamluks’ tyranny. The two martyrs Sts. Serge and Bacchus, the patron saints, were the protectors of the Ghassasian from Horan, Al Forat River, Lebanon, and Syria. The church contains Byzantine icons in the Orthodox Antakyan Tradition, as is the way of the people who were raised in such a community as Al Monsef. Its iconostasis is made of cedar wood brought from Jaj village. The icon of “Our Lady of Perpetual help” is one of the distinguished icons of the church.

For the key, contact Father Emilianos (03/ 258 727)


  • Mar Yohanna Church (St. John, Greek Orthodox)


  • El Qeddisseh Barbara Church (St. Barbara,Greek Orthodox)


  • El Qeddisseh Rafqa Church (Maronite):

This Maronite church was built early 21st century by the newly established Maronite community in this area traditionally inhabited by Greek Orthodox.

Local products and agricultures
  • Local agricultures: Olives, carob, figs, almonds.
  • Local productions: Carob molasses (debs), olive oil.
Local activities

Christmas exhibition: December, in the hall of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus; organized by Women Committee (09/ 790 096)

An oriented visit to “Al Rihani” oil and carob presses:  (from October to January) – Mr. Ramzi Mouawad (03/752 755 –  09/790 210)


There are several resorts on the coast line, of which we recommend:

Sundowner Restaurant & Hotel: 09/ 791 008

Castel Mare Hotel & Resort: 09/ 790190

Local guides

Mrs. Katia Gebrael: 09/790 458

Mrs. Najwa Eid:  76/186 398

Mrs. Mony Chidiac:  71/812 396

Additional information

  • Reeds shop (Reeds handmade production): Mrs. Georgette Francis (09/790 607)
  • Fram Shops: Mr. Dany Fram (03/515 600)