• Casa: Jbail
  • Distance from Beirut: 55 km
  • Altitude: 1250 m
  • Access: Jbail – Annaya – Mechmech Or Jbail-Amchit-Abaydet-Lehfed-Mechmech
General and historical information

Mechmech is located in the middle of the Jbail district and is considered the only link between the south and north of the judiciary, or the so-called “Path of the Saints” connecting Annaya to Lehfed and Mayfouk, until Kfifane and Jrabta. It is the neighbor of the sun and the land of deacons. The word mechmech, originally mechmess, means “facing the sun”. Its name in Semitic, going back to a deacon or servant of the Church, is said to have been given for the apricot trees, but it doesn’t actually have many apricot trees. It is rather known for its cultivation of berries, and was once famous for silk production, vine and tobacco cultivation, after the local get a license from the reggae. It was also known for the cultivation of delicious apples. And of course Mechmech is invaded by jungles of tannins, oaks and some pine trees planted on roads and between the houses.

Monuments and sites to visit

There are several churches in Mechmech:

Al Qeddiseh Sophia Church (St. Sofia)

Saydet Mechmech Church (Our Lady): in Cheer Al Saydeh.

Mar Youssef Parish Church (St. Joseph): , the key with Mrs. Evelyne Noun (71/570 615)

The old and new Parish Churches of Mar Doumit (St. Doumit): the key is with Mr. Father Toni Herdan (03/761 086)

Mar Tadross Church (St. Theodoros): It is said that it was the old patriarchal summer residence. The key is with Mr. Joseph Lyan (70/399 187)

El Qeddiseh Takla (St. Takla): (one of Farchaa’ churches), the key is with Mr. Miled Sawma (71/571 001)

Al Saydeh Church (Our Lady of the Assumption) in Armich, the key with Mr. Tony Harb (03/193 840)

Saydet Harchinia (Our Lady of Harchinia), the key with Mr. Wissam Sawma (03/398 697)

El Qeddiseh  Barbara Church(St. Barbara): recently built in  1991, the key with Mr. Tony Harb (03/193 840)

The churches of St. John Paul 2 and Padre Pio in KfarSama Project, (03/330 602)

The convent and churches of “Farchaa region”: includes five churches: the church of Mar Takla (the only church still standing) – Mar Yohanna- Mar Gerges- Al Saydeh (Virgin Mary)- Mar Semaan. Farchaa contains scattered ruins dated to the Phoenician and Roman eras as well as other civilizations. There are also some rock pressers, jars and cemeteries carved in the rocks.

El Qeddiseh Takla Cave:  Archaeological cave like that of Jeita, turned into a shrine for St. Takla, with a long corridor that cannot be reached.

Dabshit Al Nawawiss (the region of the sarcophagus): It contains 40 sarcophagus; it is said this is the cemetery of the Mamelukes and their rulers. It has trails for walking.

Local agriculture and products

  • Apple, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, cherry.
  • Homemade products (mouneh)
  • Lebanese alcohol (arak)

Local activities

  • A visit to the winery (wine tasting and arak production process) Mr. Henry Sawma: (03/437 757)
  • Annual exhibition for the Charity family association: August & September:

(76/ 121 908)

  • Hiking trails: Contact Mr. Miled Sawma (71/571 001)

1) To Saydet Armich: 30 minutes

2) Mechmech-Lehfed: one hour

3) Mechmech- Jaj- Mayfouk: 5 hours

4) Ram- Mechmech- Arz Jaj: 6 hours

Tourist services

  • Food and beverages:
  • Saj and manakish: Adele & Dalal Abi Frem: (71/398 308)
  • Patisserie Viva: Florance Sawma: (70/ 123 635)
  • Kbouch Al Toot restaurant: summer snacks (Lebanese menu- sandwiches): Mr. William Noun: (76/ 514 358)
  • Sajj and Talbita market: Mr. Bassam Sawma: (03/ 874 511)
  • Snack Abi Frem: Hala Abi Frem: (09/ 760 702)
  • Camping sites:
  • Near St. Barbara church: Mr. Tannous Harb: (70/ 099 388)
  • Kfarsama Village: Father Mansour Labaki project (the church of St. John Paul 2- the church of Padre Pio) (03/330 602)

Local guides

  • Miss Diala Ghanem: (70/121 125)

Additional information

-Mechmech dispensary (09/760 930)

-Beekeepers cooperative: Mr. Semaan Khoury (03/407 046)

-Gas station: Mr. Toni Abi Hanna: (03/ 254 826)

-Gas station: Mr. Kanaan Abboud: (03/ 553 777)