• Casa: Batroun
  • Distance from Beirut: 120-125 km
  • Altitude: 0-50 m
  • Access: Batroun- Madfoun
General and historical information

The name is possible derived from a Syriac word meaning the borderline between two locations. A battle between Crusaders and Mamlouks took place in this village. A river passes through the Valley of Madfoun, coming from the highest tops of Saydet Elij –Al Qattara (Our Lady of Elij-Al Qattara), on the borders of the two regions of Batroun and Jbeil, at over 2000 m of altitude, and it passes through several villages to arrive at the place known as Jisr El Madfoun (the bridge of Madfoun), back when water flowed throughout the year. Over the years, however, due to global warming and the use of water in the villages, the river turned into a winter one. The seashores of the town are made off white stones and rocks, there is a series of resorts and restaurants known for their sea food, and there are different types of water activities and a Surfing Club.

Monuments and sites to visit
  • The Roman Bridge over the Madfoun River Valley:

Over the Madfoun river valley (it separates North Lebanon from South Lebanon). It was restored under Fakhr Eddine’s epoch.

  • Mar Estephan Parish Church (St. Steven/ Stephan):

1800 AD. An old oak tree stands in the middle of the church square. It is considered the main Maronite church of the village, where all ceremonies, weddings, baptisms, and others are celebrated, as well as Sunday Mass. A new building, beside the church, is used for reception and celebrations. St. Stephan is considered the first martyr of the 1st Century (between year 31 & 36 AD). St. Paul witnessed his lapidating.  The key is available with Mrs. Irene Abi Saab (06/ 721 110 – 03/ 927 552).

  • Mar Youhanna Church (St. John):

1900 AD. It is located in the middle of the fields, and is only accessible on foot. The inhabitants of the village visit this church once a year to celebrate St. John’s feast, on the 24th of June.

  • Saydet El Jisr’s Church/ Jisr El Madfoun (Our Lady of the Bridge church):

There’s a popular inherited tradition in the town of Thoum, on Batroun Coast, and other surroundings’ towns (Kfaraabida, Feghal, Kfarkeddeh, and Rachana), that in the first decade of the 20th century (between 1906 & 1910), on his way back from Diman to Bkerki, and for undefined reasons, the Patriarch Elias EL Howayek couldn’t continue his way, so he spent the night in the house of Fares Botros Abi Saab at Jisr El Madfoun. In the next morning, the inhabitants, from the surrounded villages knew about the Patriarch and they came by dozens to welcome him, and he decided to celebrate the mass with them before he leaves, they prepared the first floor for celebration, and brought a picture of Virgin Mary from a church. After the mass, Patriarch El Howayek and his company left to Bkerki, and ever since the room became a church of St. Mary, and was named the church of Our Lady of the Bridge, since it’s near the Old Roman Bridge, over the Valley of Madfoun. And Fares Botros Abi Saab, named his daughter “Mary” relative to Virgin Mary, that’s why it was estimated that it was built between 1906 (his anniversary date) & 1910 (his daughter’s birthday). In 1942, the church and the house were removed, during the installation of the rail road, there are only few remains, and soon it will be reconstructed.

  • Mar Antonios AlKabir Church (St. Anthony the Great )
  • Mar Mikhail Church (St. Michael): Built for the soul of young man Michel Abi Saab who died in Nigeria (private ownership).
Local products and agricultures

Local agricultures: olives, figs, almond, tobacco.

Local productions: olives’ production (olive, olive oil, soap), almond’s cookies (Hrisset el loz, almond mash), carob, jam, honey, fruits, dairy products.

Local activities

Biking: bike route (71/ 910 452     76/ 338 762)

Jisr El Madfoun Touristic Festivals:

During August (artistic evenings, circus) organized by the committee of Jisr El Madfoun Touristic Festivals.  Mr. Tannous Abi Saab: (03/700 146)

Traditional typical dinner: End of August, organized by Father Charbel Khachan

(03/ 857 899)

Windsurfing, Scuba diving, Swimming, Kayak and fishing activities:

White Beach (06/ 742 505); www.whitebeachlebanon.com

Bonita Bay (06/744 844 – 76/744 844); www.bonita-bay.com; Fb: Bonita Bay

Orchid Beach (71/949 404 – 06/740 840); Fb: Orchid Beach Resort and Lounge

Food and Beverages

Kaptin restaurant: Lebanese and Sea food meals: (71/ 812 767)

Fb: KAPTIN Batroun

Barzakan light snacks (Saj): (06/ 720 224)

Al Jisr restaurant: (70/ 990 301 – 06/ 720 677)

White Beach: Lebanese and sea food meals (06/742 505); www.whitebeachlebanon.com

Bonita Bay: Sea food meals (06/744 844- 76/744 844);

www.bonita-bay.com; Fb: Bonita Bay

Orchid Beach: French, American and Sea food meals;

Fb: Orchid Beach Resort and Lounge


Beit Al Batroun (B&B): Mrs Colette Khalil (03/270 049)

www.beitalbatroun.com; Fb: Beit al Batroun, B&B

There are several resorts on the coast of which:

Bonita Bay (06/ 744 844)

White Beach (06/ 742 505)

Orchid Beach (03/ 040 420)

Local guides

Mrs. Irene Aoun Abi Saab: (06/ 721 110 – 03/ 927 552). Her house is next to St. Stephan church. Visitors can see the collection of old historical documents kept in an old wooden box.